Tip of the month!

A Great Camgirl Beauty Tip: How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep


There are all kinds of things that you need to do become a successful and, best of all, RICH camgirl—from picking the right camera, to knowing the right lingerie to wear—but one of the things that webcam models often forget is a real key to being a fresh, living and best of all sexy camgirl: getting enough sleep!


That’s why I’m here, your expert in all things camming to share with you my tried and true ways to get a good night’s sleep–and so be ready and full of energy for your cam shows!


  • Keep a regular sleep schedule.  Just like with exercise and eating well, it’s crucial to keep a stable schedule for not just when you go to sleep and wake but how much sleep you get!  If you are a morning person and like doing shows in the afternoon then go to bed early—and if you like doing late nights then stay up late to adjust your schedule.  It’s really important not to push yourself to do shows and times that may not work for the way you like to sleep.


  • Practice happy thoughts before sleep.  It’s tempting to think about what went wrong during the day when you’re all tucked in but you really should resist: fretting and worrying before you sleep can often lead to less than full sleep and even nightmares!  So, instead, do some grounding meditation and think about all the great things in your life: that way when sleep comes it will be deep and restful—which is what you need to be bright and sexy for your shows.